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NewTech offers the most comprehensive and practical training in the .NET community today. BOOTCAMP style .NET Training is now being offered for VB.NET, C#.NET and ASP.NET.

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NewTech has always played a leadership role in the markets it serves. These industry affiliations are indicative of the tremendous amount of energy and effort we put into our work.

Our people have strong skills in JavaTM using the Jbuilder development tool. You can find several Jbuilder/Java-related white papers in the Developer Resources section of our site.

We built our initial developer-training business model on Microsoft Visual Basic in 1993. With the VB BOOTCAMP ® (from 1993 to 1998) we eventually taught over 50,000 software developers Visual Basic. We started up VB user groups in Connecticut and Hartford. We hosted Microsoft Developer Days. We taught VB at COMDEX, Database World and Internet World. Today, we continue to support Microsoft and its products with consulting and training services, book authoring and the occasional help-out at conferences such as DCI’s Microsoft Explorer held in Boston MA each year.

We published a number of books with Microsoft Press in the 1990’s. We continue to use these books as our main course material in many of our current courses.

NewTech has authored over one dozen VBPJ articles since 1995 and is an authority on VB programming and related technologies. NewTech authors acting as contributing editors handled the “Q&A” column for quite some time in the late 1990’s. Visit

NewTech has presented technical topics at VBITS since September 1996 in Orlando. Since that time we have presented over 24 sessions and full day/half day seminars on VB-related programming technique. NewTech speakers have consistently ranked in the top 10% of all sessions presented at VBITS. We have been the #2 of 55 sessions presented twice. Visit

NewTech has written articles for Microsoft Developer Network News and has had articles and white papers published on the MSDN web site, starting in 1997. There is also the Newtech connection to MSDN via Microsoft Developer Days. Visit

FTP runs VBITS, the VBPJ magazine and a host of additional conferences around the USA and internationally. NewTech presented the VB JumpStart seminar in West Coast venues for FTP in 1998. NewTechers continue to get invites to speak at FTP events such as VSLive! And VBITS.

NewTech has played an active role in Developer Days since 1995 when the first Devdays was presented in 8 cities. We ran Hartford and later Boston over a 7-year period, as MSDN Regional Directors for Microsoft Developer Days. Newtechers hosted the event, drove attendance and selected and trained speakers from the local (CT/MA) developer community. We have taught Microsoft development tools to over 10,000 developers in two states during 14 Developer Days events. We continue to play a role consulting to the current Regional Directors for the Hartford and Boston events.

We have been a strong supporter of the Microsoft Developer Days Event since 1994, when we were first selected by Microsoft to host the event. We ran the event for 7 years in two cities, Hartford and Boston. During this time we delivered presentations on Microsoft tools and techniques to over 12,000 developers via the Developer Days program.

McGraw-Hill is the publisher of the book written by NewTech instructors—the VB BOOTCAMP Certification Exam Guide. This book has sold over 100,000 copies since the 1998. We are proud to be associated with McGraw Hill publishing.

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Online .NET 3.5 training
.NET 3.5 Training Online
ONLINE .NET 3.5 training online, instructor-led
NewTech's comprehensive hands-on, online .NET 3.5 training BOOTCAMP, using C#.NET and VB.NET, in a fast-paced 5-day hands-on format.
ONLINE ASP.NET training online, instructor-led
NewTech's intense hands-on, online ASP.NET training BOOTCAMP, using C# & VB.NET, in a comprehensive 5-day format.
Online .NET Training
1-Day Hands-On
.NET Training Online
online .NET for Managers training online
This is THE online .NET training class for project managers. The format is 1-day, seminar, with optional hands-on. Looking for online .NET manager training? This is it!
online LINQ .NET training online, scheduled, instructor-led
NewTech's intense 1-day hands-on .NET online LINQ training program, using C#.NET and VB.NET, includes hands-on exercises, 500+ page book, and 30 days of tech support.
Hands-On Java Training and JSP Training
Java Training BOOTCAMP™
Intense Java training for pro developers new to Java
The most comprehensive JSP training & Servlet training on the market today
Quick Java and JSP Training for Developers
Java Training ASAP™
One code-intense day of lecture in Java fundamentals
JSP Training ASAP™
One code-intense day of lecture in JSP & Servlets
Quick Java & JSP Training for IT Managers
Java Training: Technology Platform Overview
For IT managers and developers new to the Java platform
.NET vs. Java Training: Platform Technology Overview
1 day of intense platform compare-and-contrast
BEA Weblogic Overview™
One day of lecture in J2EE fundamentals using BEA Weblogic
Perl Training
Perl Training BOOTCAMP™
Four-day hands-on training, for pro developers new to Perl programming
Other Developer Training We Offer
Can't find the class you want on the schedule? We offer lots of additional training for developers and managers. Check our extensive list of additional training here
Four-day hands-on training, for pro developers new to ASP.NET
.NET and Java Help, AFTER Training
Architecture and Mentoring
System design and coaching for your team
Staff Augmentation
Horsepower to complete your projects on time
Off-Site Technical Services
Development of your apps on time and on budget

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