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MicroStation™ Training Online

...from Cliff Dexter-- The MicroStation Master

MicroStation training online: Cliff Dexter, at work.
Why kill yourself trying to learn MicroStation when I can get you going in just a few weeks? Learn from my experience. That's exactly what happens when you sign up for MicroStation training online™ with me.

MicroStation Training Online

When I do training online in MicroStation, I am always looking to deliver the knowledge you need in the minimal amount of time.

The cool thing about my MicroStation training online is how I wrap the material around your goals, objectives and overall learning style. I provide a roadmap to learn the stuff you CANNOT readily obtain from a book-- all the important items, and no wasted time. That is what my service is all about.

Contact me to discuss your specific situation, goals and objectives for using MicroStation.

If you have some skills now, I suggest my MicroStation coaching service, which is tailored for the more advanced student.

Most students purchase 2 or 3 hours to get a feel, and end up purchasing lots more. That’s because my MicroStation training online is highly effective and saves you a ton of time and money.

For example, you probably learn best at a specific time of day, and you know exactly what time of day that is. I adjust the delivery time of the MicroStation training online to match.

Likewise, I listen to your goals and objectives. For example if you already know some good MicroStation techniques, I work to fill in your gaps around that knowledge. Every MicroStation training online session is customized—to fit you perfectly.

When you purchase MicroStation training online online, from me, Cliff Dexter, you are getting a full expert who is listening to YOU the entire time.

Once I get an idea about where you are with the product and how you learn, I tailor the teaching to your exact requirements.


MicroStation training online works. If you try a couple of hours, you'll see what I mean.

That’s why you want to purchase MicroStation training from me. I know the stuff from 18 years of MicroStation experience, and I tailor the teaching to fit you. Shoot me a call to discuss your personalized MicroStation training online program.

Why Your Purchase of MicroStation training online Online Is a Good Deal

The MicroStation product is deep and wide. If I could have purchased MicroStation training online 18 years ago, I could have learned the product in about ¼ of the time.

Unfortunately, I learned from trial-and-error, and from purchasing manuals and books. You simply cannot know the entire product, no matter what. But with a little MicroStation training online you CAN learn the essential aspects of the product needed for the work you are doing.

Request my resume to learn more. When you purchase MicroStation training online from me, you are getting a dedicated expert who can RAMP YOU UP in no time. Shoot me a call to discuss your MicroStation training needs.

I have logged over 17 thousand hours developing 2D drawings and 3D models in MicroStation.

I currently provide online MicroStation training online to selected students worldwide.


Contact Me

Contact me to discuss your specific situation, goals and objectives for using MicroStation.



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