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JavaScript Development BOOTCAMP ®
Regular Version

Course Name: Client-Side Web Development Bootcamp

Brief Course Description: Client Side Internet Development with JavaScript and DHTML

Duration: 2 Full Days

Format: Instructor-led, hands-on

Prerequisites: Casual Knowledge of HTML is assumed, Object Oriented or Procedural Programming Helpful

Assumed Audience: Mainframe and/or Client Server Programmers

Course Materials: 400+ pg text on JavaScript and DHTML, Resource Pack with CD

Course Description Summary: This is a fast paced, in depth course on client side using Visual Interdev. The two days are spent learning client side scripting code with JavaScript and using functionality of a web browser.

The Outline

  1. The Visual Interdev IDE
    1. Setting up a new VI Project and understanding all the Virtual Directories and Pages that are created.
    2. Adding Pages and Directories
    3. Master Mode vs. Local Mode
    4. Creating your own template files

  2. JavaScript Fundamentals
    1. Script Blocks – how to write Script blocks that work in all browsers
    2. Declaring Variables using the “var” keyword
    3. Understanding Scope: Using Page Level Variables and Local Variables
    4. Writing Functions
    5. Passing Arguments
    6. Understanding the curly braces
    7. Control Flow – if...else, switch…case, Loops
    8. Understanding the break keyword and the “;”
    9. Working with objects that are intrinsic to JavaScript i.e. String(): length, concat() and slice() and Date(): getYear(), setYear(), etc.

  3. JavaScript and Dynamic HTML
    1. A look at the pieces: Remote Interface, Local Interface, Home Interface
    2. Writing Effective EJB classes
    3. Understanding the importance of Deployment Descriptors
    4. Discussion on other relevant files: Vendor Specific
    5. Packaging and Deploying an Enterprise JavaBean

  4. Advanced Topics with JavaScript and DHTML
    1. Modularizing Client Side code with external JavaScript files
    2. Allow for re-use of code through out a web site
    3. Making web pages easier to maintain keeping your logic in a centralized location.
    4. Using the “write()” and “close()” methods of the document object
    5. Working with the eval() function. Evaluating expressions or Creating and Executing code at run-time

  5. Demystifying Cookies
    1. Understanding why maintaining state in an internet application is so challenging.
    2. Using cookies as way of maintaining state on the client side.
    3. Understanding the limitations on cookies such what pages are able to access them and what are the size constraints.
    4. What types of information would be appropriate for storing in a cookie?
    5. Where are cookie values stored on the client side.
    6. Assigning values to cookies
    7. Retrieving values form cookies

  6. Using StyleSheets
    1. Defining the look and feel of a page with a Style Sheet
    2. Defining classes within a Style Sheet and associating them with “span” and “div” tags
    3. Understanding the why an external Style Sheet is preferable to in-line and page specific styles
    4. Cross Platform strategies for writing style sheets that work in both browsers

When the student leaves the course... the developer/student will be knowledgeable applying JavaScript and DHTML to web pages to perform tasks such as validation and navigation. The student will be able to enhance user interaction by making web pages more dynamic. The student will perform processing expertly on the client rather than making several amatuer trips to the server. The student will also be able to use the intrinsic objects of the scripting language in applications developed for a web.

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