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  Visiting New Haven at Night


If you are coming in from out of town, we’ll be happy to take you out on Tuesday or Wednesday night to sample a little downtown New Haven. The city is a great destination and has tons great restaurants and interesting things to do at night. Listed below is a subset—let us know if you want guidance on a particular New Haven landmark not listed here.

East Rock
East Rock is a mini-mountain that looks directly over New Haven, Yale, and the New Haven Harbor. On a clear day, you can see Long Island with the naked eye. We like to start here when showing visiting NewTech students what New Haven is all about. The picture on this page was taken from East Rock. Almost every hand-drawn picture of New Haven dating back to the 16th century includes a depiction of this commanding outcropping of rock over looking the city. For a sample, click here.

Yale—Especially the Payne Whitney Gym
On any given night, there is something cool sports-wise to watch at Payne Whitney—fencing, wrestling matches, swimming meets, squash matches, you name it. This is a great way to get a flavor of Yale when visiting New Haven at night. Most of the events are totally free for spectators. Ingall’s Rink is a great place to take in collegiate Yale hockey in the winter. In the summer there is Yale baseball.

The Yale Bookstore is a great place to purchase Yale sweatshirts and other Yale shameless-self-promotional items.

The Yale Bulletin will clue you in on internationally-known guest lectures that are free at Yale. You can also find films and other interesting events going on at Yale at night using this website.

Rudy’s is one of those Yale places with initials carved in the tables and the backs of the chairs. It’s known for live music, Yale students and street philosophers, and great live music. It’s on Elm Street. Rudy’s as a place is at the mystical intersection of Yale and New Haven. It’s a small, jammin’ little place that is a ‘must see’. If you’ve missed Rudy’s, you’ve simply missed New Haven. Everyone—Yale and otherwise-- knows Rudy’s is “100% pure New Haven, CT”

‘The GPSCY’ is unknown to even most locals. It’s a bar and restaurant on the Yale campus for graduates over 21. It’s got live music, pool tables, food. It’s great !! It’s actually a unique experience to visit this membership-only bar. You’ll need the ‘secret handshake’ and/or a valid Yale ID to get membership. Once you have it, you bring your guests. We’ll show you the secret Yale location when you get here.

Skull and Bones
The oldest and most elite secret society in the country is located in New Haven. George Herbert Walker Bush, George W Bush and a long list of mega-ruling-elite types are spawned from this organization located directly on the Yale campus. The building itself is rather macabre, of stone and having no windows. If you search the web, you’ll find all kinds of lies, damned lies and statistics on Skull and Bones. A true conspiracy-theorists dream come true. No visit to New Haven is complete until you’ve gotten your picture taken in front of ‘The Tomb’. The society’s official start is dated 1856, but it goes back a lot further than that. To learn more, check out this revealing article from Atlantic Monthly.

New Haven Pizza, The Best Anywhere
Eat dinner at Pepe’s Pizza on Wooster Street—the birthplace of the American pizza (really). Waiting in line is part of the experience—“forget about it.” Wooster Street is home to the very best pizza ON THE PLANET. Sally’s, also in New Haven, is locked in a kind of revisionist history conflict with Pepe’s regarding WHERE EXACTLY the birthplace is. Try Sally’s also. says “….as both are incredible pizza experiences that can be found no where else on the entire planet! “ Sally’s a Pepe’s are related—the founders are related family members. Naples Pizza is a great Yale-centric pizza place on the edge of the campus, on Wall Street.

Toads Place
Looking for high-energy, late-night entertainment? This is it—the best live music club in Connecticut!! Kick back and enjoy live music at Toad’s Place—a world-famous venue played by the Rolling Stones, Huey Lewis, Nora Jones, Tom Petty, Muddy Waters, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, and a great many other rock musicians with national reputations.

Richter’s Bar, The Taft Room
Richter’s is the oldest bar in New Haven. It started life as the bar of the Hotel Taft. Now you can drink a variety of beers and ales from ½ yard and full yard glasses—truly a unique experience, especially that last swig at the bottom. A great place to sample on Chapel Street.

Claire’s CornerCopia
Claire’s has the absolute best home cooked food in New Haven. Claire herself has written many cookbooks and the place has won every award possible. The specialty is a long list of incredible vegetarian dishes. A great place to stop before taking a show at the Shubert or Yale Rep.

Louis’ Lunch- Birthplace of the American Hamburger
This is the authentic, genuine birthplace of the American hamburger. Louis uses patented ‘vertical grills’ from which all the fat drips off. Louis serves their hamburgers WITHOUT ketchup—and between two pieces of toast. This place is a national historic landmark. Check the web site to learn the history. This is another one of those great New Haven food places where standing in line is part of the experience. The building is microscopic!! Check the web site, it got the full history.

New Haven Theatre

Yale’s always got something going on at Woosley Hall, where you can take in the New Haven Symphony Orchestra if Toads is not your thing. Ironically, Woosley Hall is about a block from Toad’s, but musically, it’s a world away.

There is also the world-renowned Shubert Theatre and the Yale Repertory Theatres in the heart of downtown New Haven.

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