XML-ASAP: XML in only a day
In just one day, developers will understand the basics of Document Type Definitions, Schemas, DOM and SAX parsers and XSLT.Click here for more info.

Comprehensive XML Training.


See also: XML Development Intensive 2-day hands-on course

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The ONE DAY, Fast-paced, Full-Immersion XML Seminar from New Technology Solutions….home of the VB BOOTCAMP® !!

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Learn XML… from DTDs to XSLT technology…in a single day !! From New Technology Solutions (www.NewTechUSA.com)

The ONE-DAY XML/A.S.A.P. seminar provides your staff with all the tools and techniques necessary to GET GOING NOW with XML development.

Focused on XML and XSLT, this seminar takes pro developers from XML beginner to XSLT competence in a single day !!

Learn the proven techniques required to program mission critical business applications with XML technology.

Quickly get familiar with the latest and most powerful XML and XSLT tools available today, and learn to utilize them immediately in your own development projects.


This ONE DAY seminar is specifically tailored to the needs of busy IT professionals who must IMMEDIATELY understand XML and XSLT technology. Attend this fast-paced, developers-only, full-immersion seminar, and you’ll be good to go with XML.

At the XML/A.S.A.P. seminar, you’ll find everything you need:

  • A focus on XSLT as the key technology you must know before the day is over.
  • Step-by-step presentation of advanced features of XML that prepare you for XSLT.
  • A detailed developers overview of key XML programming facilities.
  • Our hand-selected XML book, your take-home resource, valued $34.95.
  • Code-intense drilldowns into specific techniques, coaching on what to avoid in XML, tips on advanced XML usage, a survey of available add-on products.
  • Take-home source code disk with links, plus white papers and additional XML resources for further exploration of XML after the seminar.
  • 30 days of email Q&A technical support after the seminar.

Onsite Training
The XML ASAP seminar can be presented at your location, and customized for your specific needs. For large groups, we offer considerable savings and convenience through on-site training at your corporate offices.

You must have solid working knowledge of HTML, relational databases and programming to attend this seminar successfully. Strong programming knowledge is assumed.

We have full-time professionals available on staff in three states (RI, MA, CT) to help you complete your XML development projects.

Guarantee, Course Fee, Seminar Schedule, Cancellations

Guarantee: We guarantee our training 100%. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, notify the instructor during the first hour and your seminar fee will be refunded in full

Tuition: Your payment reserves your attendance and seating is limited. The course fee is payable by company check or credit card in advance of the class date. The seminar is held from 9AM to 5PM with morning and afternoon refreshments.

Registration begins promptly at 8:30AM.

Dress: is casual, and attendees are on their own for lunch. Cancellations: Full refund is provided if you cancel in writing up to 7 days before the seminar date. Cancellations thereafter are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. “No Shows” are liable for the entire fee.

Reserve Your Seat ! Reserve you seat today by printing the registration form and faxing it to: 203 239 9280


    1. Well-formed XML : What are elements and how do you use them?
    2. Validating XML
    3. Documents: Start-tags, End-tags, Empty-Element Tags, Document Element, Child Element, Element Nesting… These are the fundamentals and vital to everything you do in XML going forward.
    4. Data Modeling
    5. DOM – one of the two major API’s that allow you to parse XML data
    6. Namespaces and Schemas
    7. Attributes: Special Attributes (xml:space and xml:lang), White Spaces… Allows you to handle HTML or other tags and other languages using XML.
    8. Character/Entity References – two simple ways to handle characters that do not exist in the ASCII character set.
    9. Processing Instructions
    10. CDATA – method of adding text that would otherwise be considered markup text.
    11. PCDATA – allows you to build high-level structures
    12. Document Structure, XML Declaration, Document Type Definition
    1. Define rule to which your XML must adhere to
    2. Structure of a DTD
    3. Validating Documents
    4. Writing DTD’s: DOCTYPE Tag, Internal DTD subset, External DTD subset
    5. Basic Markup Declarations
    6. Entities: Predefined Entities, General Entities, Parameter Entities
    7. Elements
    8. Attributes: Default Values , CDATA, ID, IDREF, IDREFS, ENTITIES, Named Tokens, Notations, Enumerations
    9. Conditional Statements
    1. Data Types: Primitive Datatypes, Derived Datatypes, Atomic Datatypes, List Datatypes, Value Spaces, Lexical Spaces, Facets, Fundamental Facets, Constraining Facets
    2. <SCHEMA> Element: Specify a namespace and version
    3. Data Type Definitions: Simple, Complex
    4. Element Content Categories
    5. minOccurs and maxOccurs: Define cardinality
    6. <choice> and <sequence>: Grouping Data
    7. <all>: Mixed content
    8. <any>: Obtain from another schema
    9. <group>
    10. Element Declarations: Using the <element> tag to declare elements
    11. Attribute Declarations: Attribute Constraint, Attribute Groups
    1. Exceptions/DOMException
    2. Node: Getting Node Information, Traversing the Tree, Adding and Removing Nodes
    3. DOMImplementation: Provides an interface to any DOM implementation
    4. DocumentFragment: Extends a node interface without adding additional properties or methods
    5. NodeList: work with an ordered list of nodes
    6. Element: There are many properties and methods that you can use to work with elements
    7. NamedNodeMap: work with unordered collections of nodes
    8. CharacterData and Text: properties and methods for working with nodes
    9. Comment and CDATASection: extends the text interface
    10. Processing Instructions: target, data
    1. SAX as an event based interface: Benefits and drawbacks
    2. Basic Structure
    3. How to receive SAX Events
    4. Extracting Character Data
    5. Extracting Attributes
    6. Error Handling: Handling XML Errors, Identifying Where the error occurred
    7. DocumentHandler: Document Events, Elements Events, Character Data
    8. Alternative Input Sources
    9. External Entities
    1. Processors: What are the processors out there???
    2. Transformation Process: How does the T in XSLT work to transform XML to some other format.
    3. Tree Models: working with XML data in a tree-like fashion
    4. Nodes: Accessing nodes in a tree to produce output that works for you.
    5. Varibles, Expressions and Datatypes
    6. <xsl:stylesheet> processing instruction
    7. Top Level Elements
    8. The Template Body
    9. Xpath: Query, navigate and calculate using XPATH will extend the power of XSLT
    10. Attributes, Elements, Functions, Modules
    11. Transform XML: to XML, to Text, to HTML
    12. Patterns: complete explanation of all the XPATH symbols
    13. Design Patterns: Fill-in-the-blank, Navigational, Rule Based, Computational
  7. Summary and Conclusions: Questions and Answers, Demo of completed application on disk utilizing all XML ASAP seminar-taught concepts an facilities, and seminar conclusion. We provide 30 days of email Q&A support. You will leave this seminar with all the knowledge, tools and sample source code necessary to successfully implement XML, XSL and XSLT technology in your business applications.

Who Should Attend

Project Leads…
Who must understand the key concepts and facilities of XML development technology.

Who cannot afford to miss the wave of XML technology that is sweeping over business application development.

Project Managers…
Who must understand key issues developing XML applications and how these issues affect development times.

CIOs and Their Direct Reports…
Who must stay on top of key trends, and be knowledgeable about the implementation of key new enabling technology such as XML

This is a one-stop, get-it-all-in-one-day, fast-paced developer presentation. The XML-asap!TM Seminar provides you with the fast-pace presentation, 500+ page XSLT take-home book, source code, completed exercises, resources on disk, 30 days of email Q&A tech support after the seminar….in short, everything you need to GET GOING NOW with XML and XSLT technology !! Seating is limited in all locations and seats are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

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See also: XML Development Intensive 2-day hands-on course

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