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We are Agile Connecticut, the CT Chapter of the APLN, a nationwide federation of users groups dedicated to promoting, spreading and enabling Agile software development practices worldwide.

Our history locally goes back to the summer of 2007 when we held our first meeting at the Marriot in Farmington CT.

Since then we have held a meeting almost every month.

We usually meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month, but be sure to check the Next Meeting page to be sure of the date and time.

We start monthly meetings promptly at 6PM and end at 8PM. (Lots of people hang and talk after 8PM, so plan on lingering if you want more informal networking time.)


The mission of APLN CONNECTICUT is to explore agile leadership in agile projects, agile product portfolios, and agile enterprises in the region. The Agile Project Leadership Network's (APLN) overall mission is to connect, develop, and support great project and enterprise leaders using Agile methods nationwide.

Each meeting of the APLN CONNECTICUT Chapter is your chance to network with leading regional experts in the area of Agile Leadership, and to share your experiences and concerns with them and other leaders, who are in the same situation as yourself.

CONNECTICUT's Chapter of the Agile Project Leadership Network

Each meeting features a speaker and networking opportunities. APLN's CONNECTICUT chapter targets both new and seasoned Agile leaders ĘC both organizational leaders and project leaders, within IT and outside of IT. The group educates through a tutorial and networking focus. Members and other attendees discover, share, and develop tools and techniques for becoming great leaders in their organization.

APLN CONNECTICUT meets once a month, USUALLY on the FIRST Tuesday of the month. APLN CONNECTICUT provides:

  • Networking opportunities at each meeting;
  • Mini-seminars and experience reports on Agile Leadership: successes, failures, best practices, experiences, advanced leadership tools, and models

Each meeting also features an open forum, where participants raise issues and get answers in an open, peer-to-peer format.


Dan Mezick is the local Scrum Coach who organizes and runs the meetings.

Learn more about Dan here.