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if you ever get to Boston from time to time, be sure to check out our OTHER, Boston-based user group, Agile Boston


Introductory Links


Intermediate-Level Links

Chickens and Pigs- harsh or helpful? From Jeff Sutherland

Advanced Links

THE NOKIA TEST VIDEO WITH DR. JEFF SUTHERLAND. NOTE: There is an update coming for this topic; I learned alot at the Agile2008 conference from folks like Kati Vilkii, COO of Business Excellence at Nokia Seimens Networks. Updates to follow....

Jeff Sutherland (co-creator of Scrum) Scrum Log

The Scrum Papers: The Evolution of Scrum since 1993 from Jeff Sutherland.

Takeuchi and Nonaka are Godfathers of the Scrum Agile Process since they coined the term in their seminal paper in the Harvard Business Review in 1986.

Link to updated works and original paper that kicked off Scrum: This is a foundational work and important reading for Scrum scholars. TITLE: The New New Product Development Game, Harvard Business Review, 1986

Concept of Ba: "the space" -- Nonaka is one of the original authors of the Harvard Business Review article "The New New Product Development Game" which influenced the development of Scrum. This is another co-authored article by Nonaka on the concept of 'ba' and knowledge creation. It is interesting.


Group Dynamics Links

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing: Now THAT's a saying you run into quite a bit in Agile circles. Here is the original research paper from the 1960's, upon which that trendy saying is based: Developmental Sequence in Small Groups by Bruce Tuckman