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The Agile Connecticut user group is offering FREE AGILE TRAINING to any PMI® PMP® (Project Management Professional) who wants to be trained in the fundamentals of Agile. PMPs can obtain that training in Connecticut ...for FREE.

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NEXT MEETING Tuesday June07 2011 6:30PM-830PM



MANAGING RISK is not a random occurrence.

As developers and managers, we have heard of risk management, but how much of it are we actually doing, and what is the impact?

This presentation is designed to engage you and provide tools which you can use for risk management inside your Agile projects.

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Pictures from a not-so recent meeting:


Agile-CT organizer, Dan Mezick.

OK: Who is Agile-CT organizer Dan Mezick ??

Why is does Dan's interview from Agile2009 appear on InfoQ?

What are all these InfoQ articles by Dan?


Agile-CT is affiliated with the Agile Boston user group. Click here to go the the AGILE BOSTON home page.


COMMUNITY NOTES: Things to Ponder, and Act upon....from Dan Mezick...

Scrum Authority mapping: How to do a checkup on your Scrum implementation and visualize the results of your investigation.

BART Analysis of Your Team Organization: Boundary Authority Role and Task.

Group Relations: an Intro to GR work.

Scrum, BART and Group Relations: a Primer

Community Meritocracy: How to Organize

Canonical Scrum: The simplest and most significant form of Scrum. There is no standard Scrum implementation !

Zombie Teams: Teams have a 'body'...violating this personal space of your team, without team consent, is a very BAD idea!

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We are Agile CT. We meet for Agile training events, one per month. We are dedicated to spreading Agile methods and thinking through the software development community in greater Hartford. We meet in Farmington CT (Microsoft offices) on the 1st Tuesday, except for here to send us an email about absolutely anything on your mind now.



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The primary best practice in Agile software development is Scrum¡ªa set of methods, roles and rules that can increase software developer productivity by 10 times if you are willing to follow the simple rules. We teach and discuss Scrum and the art and science behind it. We also cover Test Driven Development, XP and other best-practices under the Agile umbrella.


Agile-CT is affiliated with the Agile Boston user group. Click here to go the the AGILE BOSTON home page.


Experienced Agile practitioners from throughout the region attend and present at our meetings. We have educational presentations, a focus on Scrum training, and some informal networking time. We also have some very interesting group-level exercises in which we develop expertise and empirical experience in Agile and Scrum.

Anyone can attend a meeting provided you are willing to participate in making the meeting a success. We run exercises and games at the group level that are a lot of fun. Most of these revolve around Scrum tasks like planning, estimating and running Sprints. If you are looking for a very fun way to learn to more and more about Agile and Scrum, this is the place.

This web site contains everything you need to learn more and attend a meeting. Scrum and Agile are gaining a tremendous amount of traction recently. A recent search of DICE.COM indicated over 1000 jobs nationally with the word ¡®Scrum¡¯ and over 3000 jobs with the word ¡®Agile¡¯. Come to our events to learn how these methods are transforming software development worldwide.

Attending a meeting is simple: send us an email indicating your planned attendance, and show up. We meet at Microsoft office in Farmington CT....see you at the next meeting !

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Agile-CT is affiliated with the Agile Boston user group. Click here to go the the AGILE BOSTON home page.









Agile CT Sponsors:
  Microsoft is the world's greatest software company, with New England offices in Farmington CT and Waltham and Cambridge Massachusetts.  
  New Technology Solutions Inc provides Scrum and agile Training and Coaching to businesses of all sizes in the Northeast and beyond.  
  VersionOne pioneered the agile management tool market in 2002. The company is a leader in team and enterprise-level project management solutions.  
  Rally Software provides tools, services and training for Agile teams.  
  ThoughtWorks provides Mingle, a tool that enables powerful, easy, distributed project collaboration.  
  The Scrum Training Institute with Scrum's co-creator JEFF SUTHERLAND provides Certified Scrum training in Massachusetts, New England and worldwide.  


  Scrum.Org with Scrum's co-creator KEN SCHABER sustains Scrum, and provides a variety of Scrum assessment tests, certifications and related Scrum training....  

Serious about Scrum? You MUST PASS Scrum's NOKIA TEST....

Any serious Scrum implementation must pass the NOKIA TEST before using advanced techniques such as Scrum-of-Scrums. Are you ready?

This test is the STARTING point for implementing advanced Scrum techniques such as multiple teams working from the same backlog.

According to the NOKIA TEST for Scrum, you are doing Scrum, if:

  • Iterations. You must be doing iterative development cycle of 6 weeks or less.
  • Testing.You must be testing as you develop software, and preferably, writing tests IN ADVANCE of development.
  • Agile Specification via User Stories. You'll want to be using user stories for requirements, keeping them small, independent, and testable.
  • Product Owner. You have one, preferably with a Release Plan, and one that writes the User Stories.
  • Product Backlog. You have one, PRIORITIZED by business ROI. Ideally, you an measure ROI based on real revenue, cost per Story Point, or othr metrics.
  • Estimates. You have estimates, developed by the WHOLE TEAM, ideally by using Planning Poker.
  • Burndown Chart. You have one! It is updated every day of a Sprint, and you report Stories, not Tasks, since Tasks are not a measure on "done-ness".
  • Team Disruption. You have only Scrum roles consisting of Product Owner, Team and Scrum master, and NO ONE is disturbing the Team as they work on the current Sprint.


Scrum is simple to describe and hard to follow. It has the following structure:

  • Three Roles. The three Scrum roles are Product Owner, ScrumMaster, and Team. That's it!
  • Three Ceremonies. You have three main meetings in Scrum: the Sprint Planning meeting, the Sprint Review, and the Daily Scrum stand-up.
  • Three Artifacts. You have three essential documents in Scrum- The Product Backlog, the Sprint backlog, and the Burndown Chart. Remember that the main item is the User Story, estimated in Story Points......
  • Three Best Practices. Scrum as of 2008 now defines THREE best practices: the use of User Stories, the use of Planning Poker, and the use of the Scrum board.

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