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Dan Mezick, up closer.


The following is some background information on Dan Mezick:

Associations & Certifications

Member, Scrum Alliance. Certified Scrum Master (CSP). See Dan Mezick's Scrum Alliance profile here

Member, Agile Alliance. See Dan Mezick's Agile Alliance profile (circa 2009) here.

Member, Agile Project Leader's Network.

Member, Project Management Institute. Active in the MassBay chapter and Southern CT chapter. Serving (in 2009) as a Programs committee member, authorized to identify and engage speakers for SNEC-PMI's monthly meetings. (see

Member, USA Hockey. Certified Level 3 Hockey Coach. (See also: PCT Framework, under Personal Interests section below)


Agile Conference sessions

Agile2009 session: BART Analysis Applied (Boundary, Authority Role and Task)

Agile2009 session: Group Relations and Social Systems

Agile2008 session: The Hidden Life of Groups

Agile2007 session: Agile and Entreprenuerial Thinking Patterns. Here is a link to the Agile training grades from Agile2007. People seemed to like this session.


Agile Community Volunteer Work

Organizer, Agile Boston user group, since 2007

Organizer, Agile CT user group, since 2007

[Manifesting Agility] Stage producer, Agile Alliance Agile2009 Conference, 2009


Published Books, Articles and Papers

Article: May 11 2009, Agile Journal: Scrum and SVO-p (Subject-verb-object, present tense)

Article: August 18 2003, COMPUTERWORLD: Outsourcing 2.0: Collaborative Development

Book: April 1999, Visual Basic BOOTCAMP Certification Exam Guide, McGraw Hill


Blog Posts and Other Written Works

Post: April 22 2009: Entrainment, a key to how Scrum works

Post: April 15 2009: Attraction and Repulsion: Scrums Immune System

Post: April 27 2009: BART: Boundary, Authority Role & Task as Related to Scrum

Post: August 11 2007: Inattentional Blindness: an Obstacle to Agile

Web article: May 11 2009: MegaScrum: A Scrum Structure for Massively Distributed, non-IT, All-Volunteer Efforts

Web article: April 2001: Enter Late and Dominate: Mezick's Theorem of Open Source

.....Web article Addendum: Mezick's Theorem Addendum page

.....Web article Summary: Responses Around the Web to the Theorem, plus Q&A

.....Interesting responses: Quick Google list of "here and now" responses around the web


Patents Awarded; Other Achievements

Patent: Property setting manager for objects and controls of a graphical user interface

Patent number: 5872974
Filing date: Apr 19, 1995
Issue date: Feb 16, 1999

Business Entreprenuership Award: Deliotte and Touche FAST50 Award for 2002. Recognized again for leading one of the top 50 fastest growing technology firms in the state of Connecticut for calendar year 2002.

Business Entreprenuership Award: Deliotte and Touche FAST50 Award for 2001. Recognized for the 1st time for leading one of the top 50 fastest growing technology firms in the state of Connecticut for calendar year 2001.


Personal Interests and Projects

The Parent-Coach Timeout Meeting: A Framework for Effective Communication in Youth Sports. Essential Scrum and Group Relations concepts applied to youth sports.

The PCT is a framework that allows Coaches and Parents to communicate clearly, such that Parents, Coaches and Kids can a) learn from experience during the season, b) make adjustments, and c) have much more FUN in pursuit of shared objectives.

Openness, Focus, Commitment, Respect and Courage are Scrum values.The PCT process is essentially Scrum, adapted to youth sports....and is especially focused on youth hockey.


Follow me on twitter (@DanMezick)

Send me an email at dan.mezick [at] newtechusa[dot][com].