Agile Boston, Agile MA, Agile training Boston, Agile training MA, APLN Boston, APLN MA
Agile Boston, Agile MA, Agile training Boston, Agile training MA Agile Boston
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We are AgileBoston, dedicated to promoting, spreading and enabling agile software development practices in the greater Boston area. Our purpose is to help and assist the Agile community in Boston to be great.

We work from a vision, mission and 10 Core values which we use for guidance on every decision, including the selection of volunteers. Every volunteer must commit to our values explicitly and in writing as a requirement of playing a leadership role. Every volunteer is a leader who represents the entire membership and the leadership.

Ten core values? What's that? Learn more here.

We meet once a month. Be sure to check the Next Meeting page to be sure of the date and time.

We start monthly meetings promptly and end on time...every time.

(Lots of people hang and talk after the meeting, so plan on lingering if you want more informal networking time. We often migrate to the Westin hotel bar area...)



Agile Boston's mission is to encourage & help the Greater Boston Agile community to become the most active, most innovative & most vibrant Agile learning community on the planet, by any measure that can be named.

Learn more about our vision, mission and values here.

AgileBoston Meetings

Each AgileBoston meeting features a speaker and networking opportunities. We have food and beverages of some sort at each meeting.

We target both new and seasoned agile leaders – both organizational leaders and project leaders, within IT and outside of IT. All are welcome to attend a meeting. The group educates through a tutorial and networking focus. Members and other attendees discover, share, and develop tools and techniques for becoming great agile leaders in their organization.

AgileBoston meets once a month. The group provides:

o Networking opportunities at each meeting;

o Mini-seminars and experience reports on Agile Leadership

o Successes, failures, best practices, experiences, advanced leadership tools, and models


Each meeting also features a brief Scrum introduction, where those new to Scrum can get oriented.

How to Attend

You simply send us an email in advance of attendance. The 'next meeting' page always has a convenienty link to get that done. After that, you show up and attend. NOTE: If you RSVP and cannot make, please send us am email so we get the beverage and food count right.

You can contact us here.

You can check out the details on the next meeting of AgileBoston here.


Dan Mezick is the local agile person who organizes and runs the meetings.

Learn more about Dan here.