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Baboons handle software testing at PPI. Baboons work in colonies and can get very rowdy at work when things are going well.

How does my organization get started with Primate Programming?

Simply contact us. We handle all aspects of getting you started with low-cost primate programming.

What are the costs?

Costs for software maintenance and report writing start at 69 cents per hour. Software testing requires less skill and this service starts at 45 cents per hour.

Are there volume discounts?

Yes. Please call to discuss rates, schedules and skills.

This is a very interesting business model....how do I link to this site?

Linking to our site is encouraged, provided you strictly follow the simple PPI Linking Guidelines. Doing so supports us, and spreads the Primate Programming(tm) message worldwide.

I have several projects and want to get started ASAP. Where is the work performed?

All work is performed here in Des Moines, Iowa. Human managers coordinate the work using developer collaboration tools such as those found the Microsoft site www.gotdotnet.com, and also the open source site www.sourceforge.com. There are certain issues with great apes and the sharing of source code, however. See below.

Our chimps and bonobos handle complex maintenance tasks and are experts at debugging techniques. For this reason chimps usually have a higher bill rate.

How many Primate Programmers can I engage at one time?

You can engage as many as you like. There is a definite advantage to engaging an entire social group or colony of related individuals. The advantage comes from increased communication and understanding between individuals within the group. This is explained in the brochure.

What are the legalities regarding intellectual property?

Great apes (hominids) are capable of maintaining source code and creating original works, such as original source code and reports. When Primate Programming first came into existence, the law was vague on who owned the intellectual property (IP) rights to primate-generated works.

These intellectual property have been largely resolved. There are bills coming for floor vote in the House and Senate that give provisional US citizenship bill for hominids. This legislation will resolve all Primate Programming IP issues shortly.

PPI gorillas handle software maintenance.

Can Primate Programmers work at my location?

We do not recommend it unless you provide a separate work area. Primate Programmers need to be nearby the offices of IT managers to get questions answered, be managed, etc. However, since primates and great ape hominids have environmental needs that differ from that of humans, we recommend waiting until you have have experience with Primate Programming via offsite outsourcing. Thereafter, you can set up a leafy, comfortable workspace for your Primate Programmers at your site. We offer consulting in how to do this. Issues include menu planning, personal primate hygiene, air quality, daily primate exercise, and noise management.

Do you offer Primate Programming training, for my own Primate Programmers?

Yes. Please see our page on services. We do require that you engage us for at least 30,000 hours of billable time before we provide primate programming training services to your company. You must also sign a non-compete agreement, meaning your primate staff is for the use of your firm only. Our core curriculum includes training in teamwork, Human Great Ape (HGA) sensitivity training, and organizational skills training. Our technical curriculum includes Java training, .NET training including ASP.NET training, and some JSP training. The entire staff receives ongoing tech training in XML, ADO and other technologies that change often.

What are the issues regarding open source programming?

Hominids will not share source code and can be very territorial when programming. For this reason we do not recommend Primate Programming for open source projects.

Our orangs are great at report writing. All primate programmers at PPI receive ongoing technical training.

What about software testing?

Great apes (hominids) do not have tails, while monkeys do. Research indicates that great apes are very productive in the areas of software maintenance and report writing, while most monkeys will struggle. Monkeys however are great at software testing. So the rule of thumb is, if you don’t have a tail, you can probably program.

We train our baboons specifically for software testing, using various industry-standard testing tools. Our apes also periodically attend up-to-date .NET training. Each and every programmer here is a capable team member. We use Agile methods that build testing into development from Day 1 of a project.

Can I interview Primate Programmers of interest to my firm?

Yes. All interviews have to be in written form, since our apes are accustomed to that style of communication. They all have great written English skills.

Can I visit your corporate headquarters?

Yes. Our Primate Programming Inc. campus is open for tours and programmer interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Interviews are held after the primates have their daily work out in our jungle room, a special work-out center for the hominidstaff.


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