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Date: September 19, 2003

Ima Toole
Vice President, Public Relations and HR
Primate Programming™ Inc
Phone: 203-915-7248
Email: ppi_feedback@yahoo.com

Primate Programming™ Inc Announces Global Franchise Program

DES MOINES IA: Primate Programming™ Inc today announced the Global Franchise Program, designed to provide ‘in a box’ turnkey business opportunity to entrepreneurs worldwide.

“The dramatic growth of interest in primate labor in the tech sector has prompted us to launch this program”, said PPI founder and CEO Mark Bajek. “Our licensing program is designed to propagate our brand globally, while enabling others to capitalize on the explosive growth of Primate Programming™ Inc for a very modest cost.”

Franchisees license the Primate Programming™ Inc brand and gain a protected territory. They also gain PPI expertise, skilled primates and other resources that remove the risk and increase the market revenue potential for each franchisee.

“Our first crop of 25 of Primate Programming™ Inc franchisees now span 14 industries across 7 countries in 4 continents”, said Bajek. “Many are generating profitable revenue in the first two months of operation.” PPI launched a pilot program in June and trained the 25 first-tier franchisees in August at the PPI Global Summit, held here in Des Moines.

PPI provides a long list of advantages to Global Franchisees, including:

  1. Primate Programming™ Inc Training: We provide up to 3000 hours of IT classroom training for IT primates and their managers, using our patented process.
  2. Primate Programming™ Inc Primates: We provide up to 6 highly skilled PPI primates to kick of your business. These are later utilized as managers in the primate work spaces and dormitories.
  3. Primate Programming™ Inc Advertising: Franchisees get access to the PPI brand, the strongest primate brand in the USA. We provide a blitz of PR for your business and issue ongoing press releases from PPI corporate on your progress. We also list your firm in our ongoing advertising in EWEEK, INFORMATION WEEK, and other trade publications.
  4. Primate Programming™ Inc Consulting: Primate labor is an all-new development in western economies based on new scientific research, and we are the pioneer—and leader. Franchisees gain access to that depth of expertise, removing risk and increasing market opportunity.
  5. Primate Programming™ Inc Structure: We explain the model completely and help you map the PPI techniques to your industry. We provide your staff with training in campus life, sanitation, training, and primate office psychology and organization. We take you step by step to a dominant position within your industry.

The number of available licenses is limited. Entrepreneurs interested in the PPI Franchise opportunity should contact Ima Toole immediately using the attached contact information. Primate Programming™ Inc is enabling only 500 franchisees worldwide and licenses are to be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.


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