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PPI Web Development Services

PPI has a staff of human web developers that approach web creation as a true art form. All development at PPI is a 100% human creation. We offer serious, professional web development services. If you like the look and feel of the PPI site, then engage us and get the same quality of design for your site. Check the PPI web design page to learn more, and contact us. We are actively seeking web design clients from throughout the world.

Software Maintenance

For a low, fixed per-hour cost under one dollar per hour, we can handle all your software maintenance needs from Des Moines. Our primates receive C#.NET training, ASP.NET training, Java training, JSP training, VB.NET training and general .NET training. All of our primates have received VB6 training and basic ASP training. They also get training in ORACLE, XML, C++, VB3, VB4, VB5, VB6, and COBOL. Call for details on J2EE skills available.

Report Writing

Our orangutans show a remarkable ability to code Crystal Reports®. They also handle a variety of mainframe report writers. Report writing requirements are unique to each organization. For this reason we dedicate a single individual to your report writing needs.

Software Testing

Software testing must be built into successful software projects. All testing is handled by our multiple Baboon colonies. At Primate Programming Inc. we offer the lowest prices worldwide for quality software testing. All testing must be performed here at our campus due to the howling and air quality issues with Baboons.

Outsourcing of Your Data Center

Are you considering EDS, CSC or Perot Systems for data center outsourcing? Consider us instead. Using a mix of human and primate IT pros, we can cover all your data center outsourcing needs with an ironclad guarantee. Our prices using the mixed human/primate outsourcing model are usually less then one fifth of what EDS, CSC, or Perot will cost. We simply have a competitive advantage that we pass on to you, our valued customer.

Mixed Model™ Outsourcing

Our innovative Mixed Model™ outsourcing option is cost effective. This innovative code sourcing model is the lowest-cost outsourcing option on earth. Our IT professionals managing teams of primates to complete your projects can save you up to 90% over offshore outsourcing. Call for details.

IT Primate Training

Once you have a billing relationship with us, we can help you implement your own in-house Primate Programming staff. We conduct a core curriculum (teamwork, social skills, etc) and also a tech training program. The tech training includes Java training and .NET training. If you need mainframe skills, call. We are eager to serve you.

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