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The first Primate Programmer in our lineup has very SPECIAL talents.

This Primate is a Certified C#.NET Alpha Geek.


Photo Name Skills Species Rate Per Hour Availability
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  • Skill 1
  • Skill 2
  • Skill 3
Gorilla 87 cents per hour Immediate
Resume Summary A skilled and competent Primate Programming Inc information technology Gorilla. This ape is a Certified Alpha-Geek. Likes to beat his chest when projects near completion. Prefers working with males who display submissive social profiles. Prefers teams with multiple females, as expected. Somewhat possessive. Excellent at development, maintenance, and running test teams. Call for further personality details.
  • Solid skills in Microsoft .NET maintenance.
  • Also very knowledgeable in Java/JSP technologies, especially J2EE.
Appears to be an "Oliver"-like bonobo/chimpanzee mix. 97 cents per hour Call. Ask for Mike
Resume Summary Werner has focused on Microsoft technologies and knows the software development industry. He participated in many Microsoft developer community events over the years. When not working at PPI he enjoys miniature golf and likes anything bearing the "Nike" logo.
  • XML
  • Web Services
  • Received ASP.NET training in July.
Chimpanzee 84 cents Currently on Sabbatical
Resume Summary Very creative and expressive; likes to sing when he works; tries to play piano. Comes with excellent references.
  • Crystal Reports
  • VB3
  • VB6
  • Recent JSP training
Chimpanzee 93 cents August 15
Resume Summary 1 year Crystal, 6 months VB6, 1 year VB3. Mitch is very easy mannered and well groomed. Easy to work with. Types 25 WPM.
  • Software Testing with Visual Test
  • Tech Writing
  • Took .NET training in October.
  • She's great at .NET system documentation.
Baboon 65 cents September 7
Resume Summary Eileen is our best baboon for testing and tech writing. Comes with excellent references from recent engagement at VISA International.
Sam & Sean (Pair programmers)
  • Fortran
  • Assembly
  • Strong Software Testing Skills
  • C
  • Motif
  • Has Java training
  • scheduled for .NET training

Sam: 97 cents
Sean: 45 cents

Resume Summary This is a team.
Sam is one of our senior Primates we have had around for a long time. He has very good interpersonal skills. He and Sean are inseparable. Sean is a junior and one of our most well groomed primates. He is very sociable and enjoys the group setting. Sean does need firm guidance. Sean has the benefit of being trained by the U.S. Military.
  • XML
  • Web Services
  • Received ASP.NET training in March.
Orangutan $1.10 Call
Resume Summary Clyde is a dependable primate who can handle software maintenance and even some new development when properly managed.
  • Windows apps
  • Access
  • Had some C#.NET training recently.

88 cents November 6
Resume Summary Loves MS-Access. Likes to work at night. Has great skills gained working for American Express.
  • VB6
  • Java
  • Software Maintenance
  • C#.NET
  • Crystal Reports«
  • JSP
  • Attended ASP.NET training in March.
  • Can manage projects.
  • Has manufacturing knowledge from running PP software projects for Sun Microsystems, Coca-Cola
Chimpanzee Call Varies-call
Resume Summary Speedy is our most talented worker. He works well in either Java or VB/ASP teams. He is the fastest coder. Very high code quality. Excellent written English
  • VB6
  • Lots of Java training in advance of .NET training.
  • Pebbles is a great at .NET program maintenance.
Orangutan 91 cents Immediate
Resume Summary Our first .NET-ready primate. Has domain experience in banking and brokerage apps.
  • Software Test
  • Very strong testing skills with Java and .NET apps.
  • Recent Java training and .NET training from a system-test point of view.
Baboon 56 cents an hour Needs 2 weeks notice
Resume Summary Slightly temperamental but a solid performer. Value priced.




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