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Sponsorship of our meetings gets your organization exposure in front of our members.

APLN members are keenly interested in Agile practices and are busy actually implementing them.

A high percentage of the members have real decision-making authority in their IT orgamizations.

If you want to get in front of this audience, you can sponsor one or more meetings.

Sponsoring means buying the food and refreshments we consume during informal networking time, and bringing the goodies to the meeting. We like pizza, water and a variety of healthy food and snacks during the meeting.

For each meeting that a sponsor covers expenses, the APLN provides the following benefits:

1. ADVERTISING: ONE month of exposure on the topmost (home) page of the website, which users visit to sign up for meetings and get dates and times. Others interested in Agile that land on the home page also see your ad. We put up your ad for the month following the month you sponsor.

2. INTRODUCTIONS: The MAGIC MOMENT at the meeting: You the sponsor are provided with a 2 minute introduction of your choice during the meeting. This allows you to identify yourself and allow those in attendance a way to approach you about your goods and services.


Contact Us to learn more about APLN-Connecticut sponsorship opportunities.






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