Now from NewTech: ASP.Net 3.5 Training
Get the most comprehensive ASP.NET training on the market today. This class covers the newest version (3.5) of ASP.NET, along with the .NET 3.5 framework. Click here for more info.

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5-Day ASP.NET Training
.NET 3.5 Developer
ASP.NET Training 5-day BOOTCAMP using C#.NET™
NewTech's intense hands-on ASP.NET Training with C#.NET, using the current version, in a comprehensive 5-day format.
ASP.NET Training 5-day BOOTCAMP using VB.NET™
NewTech's intense hands-on ASP.NET Training with VB.NET, using the current version, in a comprehensive 5-day format.
1-Day .NET 3.5 Training:
Hands-On Training
AJAX Training Hands-On
1 intense hands-on day of AJAX training in .NET
LINQ Training Hands-On
1 intense hands-on day of LINQ training under .NET
4-Day .NET Training
Windows Forms
4 Days of expert hands-on Windows Forms training using VB.NET
C# .NET 3.5 Training BOOTCAMP™
4 Days of intense hands-on Windows Forms training using C#.NET
Other Microsoft
Developer Training
We Offer:
ASP Training/ Web Development BOOTCAMP™
4 intense days of ASP training using Visual Interdev...includes JavaScript, DHTML
VB Training Intro ASAP™
VB6 Intermediate Bootcamp is going from a 4-Day BOOTCAMP-style to a single day seminar-style (ASAP) lecture.
VB Training Advanced BOOTCAMP™
The most advanced VB Training available, recently updated to include XML with DOM and SAX
Quick .NET Training for Developers
VB.NET Training ASAP™
1 intense day of essentials
ASP.NET Training ASAP™
1 day fast-forward ASP.NET
C# Training ASAP™
1 day of full immersion C#
Quick .NET Training for IT Managers
.NET vs. Java Platform Technology Overview
1 day of intense compare and contrast
.NET Training: The 1-day .NET for Managers (with some hands-on)
The 1-day seminar that completely DEMYSTIFIES .NEt technology, for MANAGERS
'ASAP' OOP Training and UML Training
UML Training ASAP™
1-day full-immersion course in UML-based Systems Design
OOP Training ASAP™
1-day full-immersion course in Object Oriented Programming Concepts
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Personalized, online .NET Mentoring from NewTech is AVAILABLE NOW

.NET mentoring online from NewTech: personal, 1-on-1 customized training...ONLINE.


Here is the .NET mentoring you are looking for: 1-on-1, tailored training to get you going with .NET development. Are you are done with 'empty calorie' classroom training experiences? Do you value your time? Are you ready for PERSONALIZED 1-on-1 instruction? Then, THIS is the training format for you.

In this format, you get 1-on-1 .NET mentoring that is tailored to the way YOU learn.

Setting up your online .NET mentoring from NewTech:

We typically run our online .NET mentoring programs during the evening. We occasionally deliver .NET training online during business hours. In all cases NewTech's online .NET mentoring is delivered by a highly skilled NewTech instructor. In all cases, you or your group are the ONLY students. This is 1-on-1 instruction !

The instructor is focused on JUST you and your goals, objectives, interests and learning style.

This is the best kind of .NET training available anywhere.


Technical Setup for online .NET training from NewTech:

Computer Display: The technical set up for our online .NET mentoring sessions is a snap. It takes less than 2 minutes. You download a very small piece of software and from there you are connected the instructors screen, which displays on YOUR computer. The NewTech instructor displays code and demos in Visual Studio.

Audio Lecture: This is accomplished via a simple phone call. We place the call and there are no charges to you for the call.

So the visual end is really simple, and so is the audio.

With NewTech's .NET mentoring online, you are getting a highly personalized training experience.

You can download the Express version of Visual Studio that you need to complete these online .NET mentoring sessions.


What's Included in NewTech's online .NET training: We provide.....

  • VALUABLE TAKEAWAY BOOK: Students who attend the full course online (over 20 hours of instruction) receive a valuable takeaway book for continued learning after attending NewTech's online .NET training

  • PRINTED SLIDES & NOTES PAGES: Printed slides the ringbound Resource Package. Also included are diagrams, source code listings, and references to follow-up resources students can use immediately after attending .NET training online with NewTech

  • PRINTED EXERCISES: At least 3 printed exercises for each day of online .NET training

  • CODE SAMPLES ON DISK: An extensive library of useful code is provided to each student of NewTech's .NET training online

  • PRINTED DIAGRAMS: Each student Resource Package includes a rich set of diagrams used during the class

  • PRINTED SOURCE CODE LISTINGS: Actual source code from important demos are in the student Resource Package

  • SUPPORT AFTER THE CLASS FOR THIRTY DAYS: You get 30 days of real developer-level tech support for each student, using phone and email.

  • 20 HOURS OF 1-on-1 INSTRUCTION FROM AN EXPERT: You get at least 20 hours of highly personalized 1-on-1 instruction, online, tailored to your exact requirements.


NewTech's online .NET mentoring is a unique way to climb the .NET learning curve. With highly personalized instruction, you get immediate traction with the subject matter and save weeks of trial-and-error.

The online course contains the same student materials, exercises and lectures as the classroom course. You receive the same takeway book and the same great technical support for 30 days after the class. The course is taught by the same great instructors.

Everything is the same with our online .NET training, except:

  • You do not need to take time off from work
  • You do not need to consider ANY other students (because there are NOT any!)
  • You receive a tailored, customized training experience
  • You attend from anywhere in the world, typically your own home !
  • You receive the material in 2-hour lessons, which is often much more effective

    Still not convinced? Check out what actual NewTech's ONLINE .NET mentoring students are saying !!

    "This was an amazing way to learn .NET programming. I spent a huge amount of time trying to figure things out and I even attended a class from <vendor name> which was a total disappointment. Then I learned about your mentoring service. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but after the first 2 hours I knew this was exactly what I needed.

    "I has some experience with VB6 and C#.NET under VS2005 coming in, but I had no idea how much I missed and how easy it actually was to ramp up. I am now building ASP.NET apps under C#.NET and .NET 3.5 and I have everything I need to keep going. I now have a solid grasp of advanced OOP, LINQ, and ASP.NET.

    "Investing in your mentoring service was the key to my productivity in .NET development"

    - Online mentoring student (multiple ONLINE student references are provided upon request)

    Next Steps:

    Shoot us an email or phone call to discuss ONLINE training, receive a brief demo, and get every question you have answered. Call or write us today ! The ONLINE .NET training option is super-efficient ...

    ...and the most effective way to climb the .NET learning curve!

    And, when your class is over, you have an expert available to answer your questions. This is a very important aspect of getting started with .NET development!

    Contact us now to discuss and set up your online .NET mentoring class.

    Click here for Pricing.



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    Online .NET 3.5 training
    .NET 3.5 Training Online
    ONLINE .NET 3.5 training online, instructor-led
    NewTech's comprehensive hands-on, online .NET 3.5 training BOOTCAMP, using C#.NET and VB.NET, in a fast-paced 5-day hands-on format.
    ONLINE ASP.NET training online, instructor-led
    NewTech's intense hands-on, online ASP.NET training BOOTCAMP, using C# & VB.NET, in a comprehensive 5-day format.
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    NewTech's intense 1-day hands-on .NET online LINQ training program, using C#.NET and VB.NET, includes hands-on exercises, 500+ page book, and 30 days of tech support.
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    Java Training ASAP™
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    JSP Training ASAP™
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    Quick Java & JSP Training for IT Managers
    Java Training: Technology Platform Overview
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    Architecture and Mentoring
    System design and coaching for your team
    Staff Augmentation
    Horsepower to complete your projects on time
    Off-Site Technical Services
    Development of your apps on time and on budget

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