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Course Name: Java ASAP™

Brief Course Description: This course is focused on Java fundamentals. The content consists of an overview of the development environment, writing classes, using variables, writing methods, debugging, exception handling, file I/O, and Swing. This is a highly flexible course that offers material for both beginners and seasoned developers. The course covers topics such as: J2EE, Java API’s, Classes, Java Syntax, Error Handling, GUI design, File I/O.

Duration: 1 Day

Format: Instructor-led, Seminar

Prerequisites: Basic programming knowledge is advised.

Assumed Audience: Anyone who is new to the Java™ language, and needs instruction on the fundamentals. Anyone who has taken the J2EE for Managers prerequisite will find this course interesting.

Course Materials: 500+ pg text on Java, Resource Pack with CD

Course Description Summary: This is a fast paced, intense course on the fundamentals for programming with the Java™ language. The first day will explain the development environment, classes, variables, and methods. The second day will focus more on control flow, exception handling, file I/O and Swing.

The Outline

  1. Java Language Overview
    1. Why/when was it developed, comparison to other programming languages
    2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Java™
    3. Java Versions and the Sun Java Development Environment (JDK)
    4. Choosing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE):JBuilder, Visual Age, Forte, others?
  2. How Java Works
    1. Platform Independence
    2. Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the “platform” for Java applications, explained.
    3. Bytecode and the ‘sandbox’
    4. Native Code
    5. Packaging and deploying Java applications
  3. The Java Application Programming Interface (API)
    1. Object Oriented programming concepts
    2. Contained classes
    3. How to use the API
    4. Available resources: Network resources, host file system, and other platform specific functions
    5. Java API compared to other technologies
    6. import keyword: import Java packages into a class
  4. Classes in Java - And Why You Care
    1. Classes are the building blocks of any Java application.
    2. Class Structure, Class Declaration
    3. Name, access modifier, how to extend another class
    4. Class Body, Initialization and Cleanup, Constructor Functions
    5. Instancing, Default Constructor, Overloading
    6. Garbage Collection, Class – Object Relationships (How are they related?)
    7. Methods: Signature, Body, Arguments, Return Type
    8. Method Overloading, Method Invocation
  5. Java Language, Syntax, Operators, and Variables
    1. Comments in Java Code
    2. Declaring and initializing variables
    3. Variable scope rules
    4. Identify the Primitive types in the Java language
    5. Coding and Naming conventions
    6. Proper use of if, switch, for, while, do
    7. Operators, Casting
    8. Use of the static keyword and its relation to methods
    9. Use of the static keyword and its relation to member variables
    10. Arrays: Declaring and creating arrays
    11. Using Arrays
    12. Access modifiers, Use of the static keyword
    13. Use of the “this” keyword
  6. Advanced Java Class Design
    1. Inheritance in Java
    2. The Extends keyword
    3. The Super keyword
    4. Use of Public and Private on the Base Class and Sub Class
  7. Exceptions and Error Handling
    1. Try, Catch and Finally
    2. Throwing Exceptions
    3. Identify common types of exceptions and exception categories
    4. Best practices
  8. Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design in Java
    1. Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT)
    2. AWT event model
    3. Swing
    4. Form Layouts
    5. JApplet: discussion on how to create an applet with Swing
  9. Java File Input/Output
    1. Reading from a file
    2. Writing/Modifying a file
    3. Reading and writing text to file streams
    4. File path manipulation: copy, create, move, delete
    5. Working with a properties file.

When the student leaves the course... the developer/student will be knowledgeable in creating Java™ classes, and coding the Java™ syntax with confidence. The student will be able to expertly write File I/O processes and create Graphical User Interfaces with SWING.

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